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Meezzaah - Me and Mera Pizza

“Meezzaah – Me and Mera Pizza” is a product of Aaoji Foods, based out of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. With a mission to bring authentic food to people’s plates Meezzaah -Me and Mera Pizza has been serving thousands of customers over the past few years. Our commitment towards exceptional customer service and satisfaction has continuously garnered appreciation from our patrons along with best ratings on various online platforms.

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Be a brand from day zero, exclusive rights to use the Meezzaah – Me and Mera Pizza brand name.
  • Leverage our years of market research, experience and perfected business model.
  • Get up and running in no time, with our network of carefully vetted Vendors and Partners. No hassles of sourcing.
  • We provide administrative training, staff training as well as our custom designed set of management practices and documents that make running your own outlet a breeze.
  • Perfected by Meezzaah, served by you. Make loyal customers from day one serving the best of our food.

Franchise Options

Meezzaah Quick Service Restaurant

Independent Meezzaah outlets with Dine-in, Home Delivery / Takeaway, serving the full Meezzaah menu

Meezzaah eXpress

Captive units in food courts, shopping malls, colleges, multiplexes, airports etc. Menu tweaked based on availability of resources.

Meezzaah Mobile

Small units serving a limited Meezzaah menu. Ideal for walk-in passages in malls or shopping complexes.

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